Resourcing the movement for better taxes

Picture of crowd at protest, with bright pink hand-drawn sign that reads "End corporate welfare. Tax the rich!"
Woman in front of the US Capitol is holds up sign that reads"Stop Tax Scam Robbery"

Taxes touch nearly every aspect of American life,

from our homes and families and communities, to our work and our commerce, to our democracy and society itself.

Our current tax code too often favors the interests of a powerful and wealthy few at the expense of everyone else, deepening racial disparities and deliberately starving the public of the resources needed to invest properly in our communities.

Winning on taxes means funding childcare, high-quality education, accessible healthcare, well-maintained infrastructure, and solutions to fight climate change.

Better Taxes Action Fund is the c4 funder table that works with the Better Taxes for a Better America (c3) funder table to resource the tax reform movement. Visit the Better Taxes for a Better America website to learn more about our work. 

Image credits top to bottom: Steve Rhodes, Daniel Arauz, Susan Melkisethian.